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Offered at Occupational Health Service

Medical Evaluation Services:
Physical exams for employment
DOT physicals by Certified Medical Examiners
Non-DOT physicals
Fitness for duty/return to work evaluations
Respirator clearance, and spirometry testing
On-site medical staffing
Blood-borne pathogens exposure evaluation
Laceration repair

Workers' Compensation:
Aggressive, modified duty return-to-work program
Emergency Department treatment for off-hour injuries
Acute and post-injury medical management

Substance Abuse Testing Services:
Pre-employment, random, post-accident, for-cause, and follow-up testing
DOT / Non-DOT testing
Breath alcohol testing
Medical Review Officer service

Therapy Services: Therapy treatment by licensed physical and occupational therapists
Physical therapy
Occupational therapy
Musculoskeletal trauma & repetitive motion injury treatment programs
Functional capacity evaluations
Splinting and bracing

Laboratory & Radiology Testing:
Comprehensive laboratory services
Lipid panels, PSA
Cadmium, lead, and ZPP testing
X-rays, MRIs, Cat Scans

International Travel Medicine:
Comprehensive travel evaluation and immunization services
Counseling on international health and safety risks

Other Services:
Immunizations including: TB, Hepatitis A & B, TDAP, Flu, and others
Audiometric testing / Referral to an Audiologist