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Your Visit ... What to Expect

Your initial visit to the MS Center will take two to three hours. You will have an individual appointment with a neurologist. Each team member will perform an evaluation and make recommendations for dealing with MS related problems you may be experiencing. Suggestions may include medications, an individualized exercise program, adaptive equipment or referrals to other specialists, agencies, or other resources.

We require all patients at the Center to have a primary care physician. We know that many people with MS would like to continue to see their current neurologists and attend the MS Center. This is possible. Regular reports can be sent to your neurologist and primary care physician to keep him/her informed of your progress.

We want people to be comfortable coming to the MS Center. There is a waiting area with refreshments and reading material about MS. Family members are encouraged to attend the Center.

The interdisciplinary team meets to discuss their findings and to develop a plan of care. This team meeting is the strength of the interdisciplinary approach because it facilitates communication and fosters coordination of care.

How often you visit the MS Center will vary with your individual needs. If your disease is stable you may need to come into the Center only once or twice a year. More frequent visits may be necessary if there are changes in your status or specific problems need attention. In any case, on subsequent visits you will need to see only those providers who can meet your needs.

The MS Center services are covered by most insurance plans however, we advise you to obtain prior authorization from your insurer before coming to the Center.