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Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Cardiac Rehabilitation is an outpatient program designed to reduce your risk for further heart disease and optimize your quality of life. The goal of our medically-supervised Cardiac Rehabilitation program at Sturdy Memorial Hospital is to improve our participants’ overall physical and mental functioning and return to normal, productive, and healthy lifestyles. Individualized programs will be prescribed for participants of all ages who have suffered from any variety of heart disorders such as heart attack, coronary artery bypass surgery, heart valve replacement, heart transplant, angina, and angioplasty.

Exercise Training
Exercise training will help your heart and the rest of your body get stronger and work more efficiently. Physical activity improves your energy level and stamina, which will help reduce your chances of future heart problems, including heart attack.

Educational Counseling
You will have the advice and close supervision of health care professionals to help you improve your health and lower your risk of future problems. Registered Nurses and Exercise Physiologists will combine exercise with education to help you understand your heart condition, eat healthy, quit smoking, lose weight, and lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In addition, counseling may also help you learn to manage stress and feel better about your health.

How the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Works
Upon referral from your physician, you will receive an initial evaluation with the Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator. The Cardiac Rehabilitation multidisciplinary team will then design an effective program to meet your individual needs and goals. Exercise sessions, which meet two to three times per week, include customized exercise, combined with group lectures from Hospital personnel (Registered Nurses, Exercise Physiologists, Registered Dietitians, Diabetes Educators, and Pharmacists) on a variety of topics consistent with your program. At the end of the program, an exit interview will be completed by your team leader, which summarizes participation and goal achievement. It also solidifies future plans for a continued, healthy lifestyle change. A final summary report of your progress and achievements will be sent to your physician.

Most health insurances cover cardiac rehabilitation partially or fully for patients who have a qualifying diagnosis. Depending upon individual insurance coverage, length of participation may differ. For more information, please call 508-236-7390.

Patient Comments

After my heart attack in 2002 my doctor recommended I join the Cardiac Rehab Program. I wore a heart monitor and was put on an exercise and strength training routine and had a nurse monitoring me at all times. I went to classes to learn about health food and what to avoid. I also learned about collateral (coronary) arteries as an advantage in case of another heart attack.

When I finished cardiac rehab, I joined the maintenance program. Three days a week I exercise with the same routine as rehab.

In 2010, I had to go back into the hospital and was told I needed a triple bypass. Thanks to cardiac rehab and maintenance, the doctor told me that because of my collateral arteries, I “survived.” His words exactly. I will be starting my fifteenth year in the program soon and as long as I am able, I will be at it three days a week. Thanks to all the staff who were and are there for me. They are the best.
— Ron Andrews, Attleboro

I started Cardiac Rehab at Sturdy Memorial Hospital 28 years ago after I had my heart attack. When I first started I was afraid to do thing for fear that something would happen. However, with the help of the qualified staff, I soon had my confidence back. I continued to go to rehab because I know that is the place I want to be if I should ever encounter any problems while exercising. At home, I continue to follow the guidelines used at rehab. My doctors have told me I am in great physical shape because of doing cardiac rehab over the years and have strongly suggested that I continue.
— William Pierce, Wrentham

I believe that the cardiac maintenance program here at Sturdy Memorial Hospital has kept me in good shape for the last 20 years. Coming three times a week on a regular schedule is great. Having my pulse, blood pressure and weight checked every time is great also. I know what condition I am in at all times.

The expert help and caring of the staff is a great help. They have help me a lot through the years. Without the program and the help, I may not have been around to write this note! I am hoping for another 20 years of enjoying the program.
— Joseph Graham, Norton

I have been a patient at Sturdy Memorial Cardiac Rehab for 3 and one half years after having a heart attack in October 2012. I have been most impressed with the expert care that I have received from the entire staff who have shown kindness, concern, medical knowledge, detailed individual exercise program for each patient. We are all welcomed with respect, kindness, humor and advice and are made to realize the importance of continuing our program to strengthen our bodies. We enjoy the camaraderie of the other clients but most of all we appreciate the efforts and help of this exceptional staff.
— Joan Murphy, North Attleboro

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