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The Process: From Planning to Recovery

Approximately one week before surgery, you will have an evaluation in the Pre-admission Testing Center. A member of the nursing staff, in consultation with a physician anesthesiologist, will speak with you about any pre-existing medical conditions, describe techniques that are likely to be performed, coordinate lab testing and consultation to minimize operative risks and discuss procedures to minimize peri-operative pain. Information gathered in the interview process is later reviewed by the anesthesia care team.

On the day of surgery, patients enter through the day surgery department, and meet with a physician anesthesiologist to review the treatment plan and discuss any questions. During surgery, a physician anesthesiologist is always present during induction (going to sleep) and other critical times, and remains readily available at all other times to manage and monitor your care.

After surgery, patients recover from the effects of anesthesia in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), where the anesthesiologist will prescribe any necessary medications and monitor progress until discharge home or to a nursing unit. Patients may see an anesthesiologist for post-operative pain management on subsequent days to assess pain management or relief needs.