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Bristol County Savings

Registration Fee: $10 Individual, $25 Family (kids under 3 are free). Registrants are asked to seek sponsorships from family and friends with a suggested fundraising goal of $100 per registrant (not required). Fee includes zoo entry, passport, snacks, beverages, and entertainment. All sponsorships are tax deductible, registration fees are not.

Click below to view the event brochure:


First Giving

How to Get Started

▸ Click on the WALKABOUT event
▸ Click Join Now and select your registration option
▸ Fill out your FirstGiving account information
▸ Create or join a team
▸ Upload a photo and information about you and your story
▸ Submit payment for your registration
▸ Make your first donation
▸ View your fundraising page and get started!

All community members are invited to join us for the educational event!